Social Networking Expert, John Sileo Interviewed on Tech Night Owl


Gene Steinberg, best-selling technology author and columnist interviews Information survival expert John Sileo. John reveals the best tips and tricks to protect yourself against identity theft, and how to improve security on your favorite social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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John Sileo is the award-winning author of two identity theft prevention books, Stolen Lives and Privacy Means Profit (Wiley, August 2010) and America’s top Identity Theft Speaker. His clients include the Department of Defense, FTC, FDIC and Pfizer; his recent media appearances include 60 Minutes. Contact him on 800.258.8076.

Business Identity Theft Radio Interview, Part II


John recently did a second radio interview on business identity theft for New Construction Strategies hosted by Ted Garrison. The construction industry, like most industries, battles with data theft on a daily basis. Insider theft, cyber crimes, social networking exposure – these are just a few of the areas that businesses need to defend against in the information economy. Listen to the interview to learn more.

“Privacy Means Profit” John Sileo with Ted Garrison

Data breach, identify theft, and corporate espionage can cause huge damage if you don’t stop them upfront because the impact goes right to your bottom line.  “We spend thousands of dollars on our computers but we don’t necessarily put the money into protecting the data that is on them,” reports identity theft expert John Sileo. Listen Sileo explain how this can destroy your company and how to prevent this disaster.