Study Shows Identity Theft of Children 51X More Likely

Based on a recent assessment of 40,000+ SSNs of children, it was found that more than 10% those SSNs were being used by someone other than the child, far in excess of the rate of misuse in the adult population. The study points out the major issues that surround child identity theft and why we need to start paying attention now. It is more prevalent than many think and the threat is growing. Here are a few of the statistics that were found:

  • 4,311 or 10.2% of the children in the report had someone else using their Social Security number – 51 times higher than the 0.2% rate for adults in the same population
  • Child IDs were used to purchase homes and automobiles, open credit card accounts, secure employment and obtain driver’s licenses
  • The largest fraud ($725,000) was committed against a 16 year old girl
  • The youngest victim was five months old; 303 victims were under the age of five

Read the Entire Report

Parents need to stop ignoring child identity theft. It is one thing to ignore it for yourself, but failing to protect children, who are otherwise helpless to this crime, shows a definite lack of parental responsibility.

Acting now on behalf of your child will protect them from consequences common to child victims. Click on Child Identity Theft Protection Tips to learn more about the steps you should take.


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  1. Glenn
    Glenn says:

    John this post made think of another vulnerable segment, seniors. Over the coming decades the population of 65+ will double. However, the most vulnerable are 80+ individuals. Have you done any research on the aging population and what issues are being encountered regarding identify theft for the aging population?

  2. bunny
    bunny says:

    where’s your study showing what percent of your percent is from parents stealing their child’s information vs a stranger?

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