Stolen Lives Book Updates – Identity Theft Resources

Stolen Lives CoverSince the publication of my identity theft prevention book, Stolen Lives – Identity Theft Prevention Made Simple, several resource links listed in the book have changed. Since the book is not a dynamic document, but this blog is, I’d like to provide updated links here. If you find other links in Stolen Lives that have become outdated since publication, please use the Contact form above to let me know. If you have good sources of identity theft prevention, please include them with a response below. Click through for the update links that I know about so far…

Direct Marketing Association Do Not Mail List. To place your name (and your spouse’s/partner’s name) on the list maintained by the DMA that let’s businesses know that you don’t want unsolicited marketing mail (junk mail), please visit the DMA site.

State Do-Not-Call Lists. Most of the state do-not-call lists have been combined into the national list. However, you can still find information about your particular state’s do-not-call lists by visiting the DMA website.

National Do-Not-Call List. You will accomplish the same end by registering with the National Do-Not-Call List.

Do-Not-Email List. Finally, you can put your name on a Do-Not-Email list with the Direct Marketing Association. I am not sold that this actually lowers SPAM a great deal, but it is worth trying. Visit the DMA Do-Not-Email List for more information.

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  1. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    Hello John!
    Thank you for the latest installments of updates in your book. They are wonderful! Once again I have learned so much from you. I was a victim of identity theft several years ago and I have been paranoid ever since.
    Your book has given me the practical tools I need to protect myself. I am forever grateful for your work-I hope you realize how many hundreds, if not thousands of people you have helped.
    Thanks again

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