The 7 Secrets of Smart Social Networking: Overcoming Your Fears of Sharing Online

Watch John put an interesting spin on how to manage your
online existence.

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Speaking Presentation by John Sileo

Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter are no longer just tools for teens. Whether as a communication device used personally by your employees, a marketing tool employed by your corporation or an intelligence-gathering device used by your competitors or enemies, the implications of social media on business privacy are breathtaking.

Social networking is immensely powerful and is here for the long run, but you must be aware of social networking dangers and then learn to harness and control the power.  John Sileo’s presentation targets businesses and individuals alike who want to proactively control their social media privacy footprint.

What People Are Saying

John captivated an audience of 900 ranging in age from 19 to 90 telling his personal story of theft identity and educating all of us to intellectually understand the importance of one’s privacy. John is a story teller who tells a compelling story with humor, intrigue and ongoing audience interaction. The presentation was outstanding.

Delta Gamma continues to receive positive feedback on John’s presentation and performance. On behalf of the Delta Gamma Foundation, we would strongly recommend John for any audience of any age. His story needs to be told and shared. His book, STOLEN LIVES-Identify Theft Prevention Made Simple needs to be read.

Roxanne M. LaMuth, Development Director
Delta Gamma Foundation


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