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  1. Melise Leech
    Melise Leech says:

    Thank you for a very informative article – I only wish it worked! I tried the deletion tactic; received the 14 day notice and CAREFULLY waited, never logging in or even accidentally clicking on those little blue FB buttons that have proliferated on the Web. It has never deleted. I tried again, some 3 months later. Same result. As far as I can tell, it has never even deactivated, much less deleted my account.
    I am not an Internet novice and my reading comprehension skills are quite good; I know how to follow directions . . . in other words, I didn’t make a mistake in the process. FB simply ignored my requests.
    Today – some 6 months after my second deletion attempt – I received a dozen ‘you suggested a friend’ email notices and a notice of a wall post from a friend asking if I ‘was back’. Ur, no – but FB has apparently decided to start using my account FOR me, since I’m not using it myself.
    I’m angry enough to spit tacks. FB is out of control and their founder is an evil little troll.

  2. Bill
    Bill says:

    I’ve now deleted my account 3 times. I don’t have my account associated with anything except my email address that I always use. Why is it that after the 14 days it’s not permanently gone? The most recent issue I’ve had is, it’s been well over a month without me logging in or receiving any more emails from Facebook, “Come Back… you have a new message” or “Friends are sending you messages, log in now and reactivate your account”… even though I’ve gone through the exact same steps that you point out to “Delete” my account. I have to agree with, Melise Leech (poster above). My account just simply will not go away.

    Is there anything else I can do? Any #’s I can call? I’ve looked in their, “Help” section but that’s really just a smoke screen to keep me guessing they are actually helping me.

    It just goes to show that my Main Account will never be officially deleted when that time comes. Because after several months my 2nd Account that was merely created to work on “Pages” for my Clients… just won’t go away!!!!

    • John Sileo
      John Sileo says:

      By block, do you mean you want to disable the account, delete the account, block certain individuals, block the general public from seeing a post, block everyone from seeing your profile or certain parts of your profile (or something else). There’s a lot of blocking to be done on FB.

    • John Sileo
      John Sileo says:

      The only option is to write to Facebook using their contact form, but the chances are pretty good that you won’t hear back from them. Alternatively, you can choose to delete your entire account. Poor options, I know and sympathize with you. John

    • John Sileo, Identity Theft Speaker
      John Sileo, Identity Theft Speaker says:

      I apologize, but I cannot delete your account, as I am not Facebook. You will have to do that using the instructions in the video. Thanks.

  3. anas
    anas says:

    i want to delete facebook account by gmail because my account disabled and i need to use my gmail …. means i can’t reach facebook account so i have delete it

  4. Timothy
    Timothy says:

    Mine isn’t deleted either. In fact, someone else is using my name (with a strange middle name) AND my e-mail address. I get alerts (all diverted to SPAM folders now) that reference this other person and some of MY information. I sent two letters to F.B. with no results and no replies. Facebook is evil!

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