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If your organization uses the Internet, social media and mobile technology as communication tools, you’re at a distinct competitive advantage—if you use them wisely.  The Internet has connected us and expanded our webs of communication well beyond what we ever thought possible.  Unfortunately, we use the Internet so casually that it’s easy to start taking our online privacy for granted and to risk the identity and intellectual property that drives our profits.  That’s where The Sileo Group can help.

Led by nationally renowned online privacy expert John Sileo, The Sileo Group will help your executives and employees implement the basic elements of online and social media privacy, reducing the likelihood of being exposed to costly risks.

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Online Privacy Training

John takes a very serious issue facing corporations and small businesses alike, and he offers tips and training to protect you and your company from common pitfalls. Through a fun and energizing approach, the audience leaves with a smile on their face, and more importantly, with ideas on how they can help protect information moving forward! John isn’t just an expert in online privacy and social media awareness, he is a professional keynote speaker that understands the importance of engaging and energizing his audience.

How John Sileo Can Help

Online Privacy Speaking Presentations by John SileoOnline Privacy Speaking Presentations

As a world-renowned online privacy speaker, John Sileo can help ensure you and your employees are protecting your online and social media privacy.  John uses stories from victims (including himself) to deliver powerful and engaging presentations across the country, helping audiences discover the best path toward online protection.

Online Privacy Presentations

Products to Protect Your Online Privacy from John SileoProducts to Protect Your Online Privacy

Who better to look to for online and social media privacy resources than John Sileo and The Sileo Group, leaders in the field of online privacy protection?  Visit The Sileo Group store to browse products specially created to help you reduce the likelihood of you or your company being exposed to costly risks.

Online Privacy Products

Online Privacy Product Reviews by John SileoOnline Privacy Product Reviews

Dedicated to helping individuals and organizations protect their profits, privacy and reputation, John Sileo consistently reviews related products on the market.  Browse all John’s latest online privacy reviews to make sure you’re best armed to protect yourself and your organization!

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The Sileo ReportThe Sileo Report

Get tips and tools delivered to help you bulletproof yourself and your organization against fraud, identity theft, cyber crime, human manipulation and online reputation attacks.  When you subscribe to the complimentary Sileo Report, you’ll also get John’s 7 Survival Strategies for Starving Data Spies.

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