World-Renowned Identity Theft Speaker John Sileo Makes Security Fun, So That It Works

Is Your Organization Actively Defending Itself Against America’s Fastest Growing Crime – Identity Theft and Data Breach?

Watch this short video to determine if you are taking the right steps to prevent identity theft and breach, and making the right choice about who you hire as your identity theft speaker.
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With identity theft now affecting 13 million Americans every year, it’s America’s fastest growing crime and corporate America’s biggest headache.  But what many don’t realize is that identity theft doesn’t just affect individuals—data breach also affects businesses to the tune of $300 Billion every year.  And that’s where The Sileo Group can help.

Driven by his own experience as a victim of identity theft, John Sileo has become a world-renowned identity theft speaker and expert on data theft, helping organizations to take proactive steps in preventing identity fraud.  John is a uniquely qualified identity theft expert who can help you protect your business, your reputation, and your profits (see video examples).

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Identity Theft Speaker for Conferences and Events

Through a fun and unique approach, John engages crowds to get them excited about doing their part to prevent identity theft. John combines entertainment and relevant content in each and every conference or event to engage users in this mission-critical topic. Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker for your next conference, or you’re interested in teaching your employees more about identity theft prevention, contact The Sileo Group today! If you really want to get the attention of the crowd, John’s approach will leave the room laughing, cheering, and most importantly, learning!

How John Sileo Can Help

Identity Theft Speaking Presentations by John SileoIdentity Theft Speaking Presentations

During his highly interactive, humorous presentations, John will share identity theft stories, including his own.  Your employees will discover the best practices for keeping sensitive information secure, ultimately saving you thousands of dollars and countless sleepless nights.

Identity Theft Presentations

Products to Protect Your Identity from John SileoProducts to Protect Your Identity

Visit The Sileo Group store to browse products specially created to help you keep data theft from destroying your bottom line, both personally and professionally.  John’s resources reveal how to protect yourself from risks posed by social media, travel theft, workplace identity theft, and how to keep it from happening to you and your business.

Identity Theft Detection and Protection Products

Identity Theft Product Reviews by John SileoIdentity Theft Protection Product Reviews

Dedicated to helping individuals and organizations protect their profits, privacy and reputation,  John Sileo consistently reviews related products on the market.  Browse all John’s latest identity theft detection and protection product reviews!

Browse Product Reviews

The Sileo ReportThe Sileo Report

Get tips and tools delivered to help you bulletproof yourself and your organization against fraud, identity theft, cyber crime, human manipulation and online reputation attacks.  When you subscribe to the complimentary Sileo Report, you’ll also get John’s 7 Survival Strategies for Starving Data Spies.

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