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Questions? I love questions. Some questions have answers, which is fine; we should share those answers. But the questions that impress me most are those that start conversations. The people that I like and respect the most ask a lot of questions – of me (is my ego showing?); of life; of themselves. My wife is one of those people. Kids are those people. Joe, a checker at my local market (who has Down’s Syndrome and asks me every time I visit, “What’s up with your bad self, Elvis?”), is one of those people. I want to be one of those people. Care to join me?

When not asking questions, John Sileo is the award-winning author of Stolen Lives: Identity Theft Prevention Made Simple and is considered to be America’s top professional identity theft speaker. He often asks himself who exactly gets to decide who’s at “the top”. He’s pretty sure it’s his marketing guy. Curious? Visit

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  1. Beverly Palmer
    Beverly Palmer says:

    At Sam’s today the clerk said she had to scan my driver’s license as identification for the check I wrote even though the check came from my corporation, not my personal account. Is it legal to scan one’s driver’s license rather than just writing down the pertinent data (such as driver’s license number)? I live in California and think I remember reading about a suit over this many years ago.

  2. John Sileo
    John Sileo says:

    Unfortunately I don’t know the laws state by state. I don’t like it when they scan my license either, so I choose to not do business with companies that require a scan. If I absolutely have to do business with them, I usually tell them that I don’t have a license and they take the check anyway. Having been bit by checks several times, I no longer use them nor will I carry them with me. This makes it a bit more difficult when it’s a company matter and I’m dealing with a store that will only accept checks, no credit cards. I ask the company for cash and use that.

  3. Doug
    Doug says:

    I travel quite a bit for business as, I am sure, you do. While travelling, I am often tempted by the short registered-traveller security line. I am curious about your feeling of registered traveller programs since so much of one’s identity must be provided to the company offering the service.

  4. John
    John says:


    That is a phenomenal question and I need to address it in a full post. I have been researching this for myself and will give my thoughts on a post sometime this week. I want to speak with a few colleagues inside of the TSA,etc.


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