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Companies take a 5 to 7 percent hit in their value each year due to financial losses stemming from fraud.  Interactive, engaging anti-fraud and social engineering training can dramatically decrease the likelihood of attacks on your business, as well as reduce fraud detection and resolution timelines.  That’s where The Sileo Group can help.

For years, executives have turned to John Sileo, a leading social engineering  speaker and fraud prevention expert, to provide their employees with the tools needed to combat fraud from within.   John’s compelling presentations will open the eyes of your employees to the world of business fraud, social engineering and human manipulation tactics, transforming them into the allies you need to combat extortion, corporate espionage and similar scams.

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Business Fraud Conferences and Events

Whether you are looking for a conference keynote speaker on social engineering and fraud or are interested in bringing a social engineering speaker directly to your business, John Sileo is uniquely qualified to address audiences both large and small. Whether you want to discuss insider theft, phishing scams, complex social engineering or outright fraud, John delivers an engaging and informative presentation that emphasizes the importance of the 5-7% in value companies lose each year to fraud.

How John Sileo Can Help

Anti-Fraud Training Presentations by John SileoAnti-Fraud  and Social Engineering Training Presentations

For employee training related to fraud prevention strategies—from online fraud protection to mobile fraud prevention—John Sileo is the keynote speaker your organization needs to shield itself from wrongdoers.  Companies that have worked with John are able to establish fraud controls that prevent financial losses and safeguard their future.

Anti-Fraud Training

Products to Detect and Prevent Fraud from John SileoProducts to Detect and Prevent Fraud

Visit The Sileo Group store to browse products specially created to help you decrease the likelihood of attacks on your business, as well as reduce fraud detection and resolution timelines.  John’s resources will help you develop fraud prevention strategies to shield yourself and your organization from fraudsters, scammers and social engineers.

Anti-Fraud Products

Anti-Fraud Product Reviews by John SileoFraud Detection and Prevention Product Reviews

Dedicated to helping individuals and organizations protect their profits, privacy and reputation,  John Sileo consistently reviews related products on the market.  Browse all John’s latest fraud detection and prevention product reviews!

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Get tips and tools delivered to help you bulletproof yourself and your organization against fraud, identity theft, cyber crime, human manipulation and online reputation attacks.  When you subscribe to the complimentary Sileo Report, you’ll also get John’s 7 Survival Strategies for Starving Data Spies.

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